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miami jobs recruitment recruitersIf you've ever wanted a job in an exotic location, the city of Miami is the place for you.

With a low 7.1% unemployment rate, there is plenty of work for everyone.

Over one-third of our jobs are in the service industry, catering to the many visitors who travel to Miami for either business or pleasure.

The Port of Miami and the Miami International Airport are two very large entities that have created some of the best jobs we have to offer here in Miami, especially for those who are bilingual, fluent in both the English and Spanish languages.

You can find cruise ships leaving the Port of Miami daily for the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and other exotic destinations. If you'd like to work on the ships, your best chance of doing so is to work in Miami.

Of course, we have a lot of other jobs besides those on the ships. If you're in the education field for instance, you'll enjoy the fact that our largest employer is the Miami County public school system, employing 34,000 people. A close runner-up to the education system in employment is the federal, state, and local government, employing 18,000 people. Our manufacturing industry is thriving, particularly in textiles and apparel. We are also an international commerce hub, particularly in the Latin American areas. This means if you speak Spanish, Portuguese, or French Creole, we need you in our retail outlets, as well as are other customer contact areas.

miami beach jobs employers and help wantedThe best way to find these jobs is to go through one of our many personnel services. These services, which are free to the user, will help you pinpoint those employers that are actually hiring in your skill set. Personnel services pride themselves on matching qualified applicants with available job openings. This is a time effective, as well as focused way to embark upon your job search. Of course, the old standard classified ads are available as well. The Miami Herald, The Times, and the Sun Sentinel will serve you well with their classified pages, filled with interesting offers every day. You can find them at any newsstand, as well as online.

However you choose to start your job search, we know that it will end well in Miami. Whether you want to cruise to exotic destinations, or work in a silver skyscraper, you'll find your dream job in Miami. We know you're going to love working here. After all, all our jobs have the benefit of allowing you to live here, in beautiful Miami.

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